Monday, July 8, 2013



Always see celebrities with the most perfect curls, braids and full hair and wonder why your hair won't look as good?  Well listen up ladies, Moxie has the solution and tricks for you to succeed these summer looks! 

Having loose, fun braids is not only a trend that looks great, but that can also keep your hair healthy!  Not using the flat iron everyday can really make your hair drastically change from damaged to that healthy bounce.



Fish tail braids and regular braids can be used in any different style such as an up-do, loose curls, half up half down, or even to make the braid look like a headband!  Its a fun way to keep your hair looking amazing in the simplest ways!



Having loose curls is the most "in" style to have.  Flirty curls give that extra spark to your look for the day.  Using the wand, a curling iron or even a straightener can give you those loose curls, but the trick is making them stay all night long.  By using our Moxie covet curl or even our orange snob girl caps will help those curls not go anywhere and will look keep looking freshly done all day and night!
Another trend for the summer are loose curls with different styled headbands! Just tease your hair a little above the headband to give off a messy look and you're set!  This look can dress a comfortable look up, and make you stand out from the rest. 

Now the question that everyone wants to know the answer to is how do you get thick, long hair that you just can't live without?

Hair extensions are the most perfect way to go!  The keratin bond or seamless taped extensions have been known to not only change the hair, but the person's life as well.  Having thicker and longer hair boosts a persons confidence to the extreme and makes them feel good about their life.  Having amazing hair is very important for everyone.  Moxie will make that happen for you.  Below are some photos of moxie's clients who have gotten extensions and just can't live without them!









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