Sunday, July 14, 2013

3. Geometric Trend:
Stripes, polka dots, zigzags and more are one of the trends that are eye-catching for summer.  Patterns can be tricky to wear but these are some ways to wear this trend perfectly and stand out from the rest!  The main colors for these patterns are black and white, yellow, and burgundy - although any bright or solid color for the summer can really work. 
 One really good thing about wearing patterns is it can actually make your shape look better.  If your body is more curvy, then go for high-wasted bottoms with a loose striped shirt that is hung half tucked in and out over the pants.   Letting it hang loose will flatter your body even more.  If your body is thin on the top and curvy on the bottom, a striped dress will make an illusion for your body.  The illusion will allow your top to look more curvy and your bottom to become slimmer. 
Wearing horizontal striped pants are a major hit as well that will make you look taller and thinner while wearing a solid color tank tucked in with a blazer -perfection!  As for hair styles, an up-do is beyond perfect.  Wearing a messy ponytail or even slicked back, braided bun will allow your outfit to stand out without taking away the look with your hair.
2. Dresses that are daring

Cut out dresses will make your summer more daring than ever before!  Being confident and sexy will pull these different looks off instantly. 

There are a few different types of cuts for the dresses.  One is the butterfly cut, another is a V-neck which can vary in how low the front is and then a very low back which will leave the crowds breathless after taking one look at you!  Perfect hairstyles for cut out dresses are fishtail braids, side braids or even better, a waterfall braids with very loose curls!

1. Crop tops
The number one trend are crop tops with high-waisted bottoms!  Crop tops allow your outfits to vary in so many ways.  Crop tops allow you to dress your outfit up or even dress it down.  Wearing a blazer, vest or even a long cardigan can add a little something to your outfit as well.  As for shoes, combat boots are a major win-win with crop top outfits because it allows you to look girly with a bit of an edge. 

You can wear crop-tops with anything you want although the top ideas to wear them with are high-waisted pants, genie pants, skirts, high-waisted shorts, maxi skirts and to really make a statement with the summer trends, pair a crop top with leather bottoms.  Yes, even though its hot outside leather is a major hit!
As for hair styles, having that care-free, loose blowout will work for any of these looks, although if you have a designed cropped top or a high-neck crop top wearing a sock bun will be the most flattering for your outfit.


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